Stanbury Traffic Planning provides a range of consulting services to assist the building industry throughout the evolution of development. We also provide services to the public sector in relation to road and intersection design, management and safety auditing.

The following provides a summary of the range of services provided by Stanbury Traffic Planning.

Traffic & Parking Impact Assessments

Traffic & Parking Impact Assessments are undertaken for new and existing developments across a wide variety of land‐uses. Traffic & Parking Impact Assessments are undertaken across a range of scales as follows:

  • High level network based analysis for planning proposals whereby the focus is on the likely traffic generating ability of a particular development, the ability or otherwise of the surrounding road and transport infrastructure to accommodate the altered demand and the extent and form of road network upgrades which may be required.
  • Detailed site and surrounding road network based analysis for development applications. This includes assessment of the development plans with respect to site access, parking provision, internal circulation and servicing, the assessment of the operation of the external road network and an assessment of the ability of the network to be able to accommodate altered traffic, parking and transportation demand associated with the development.
  • Internal site based assessment of a development including detailed design considerations with respect to site access, parking provision, internal circulation and servicing arrangements and the compliance of these considerations with established local and state government and Australian Standard specifications.

The above services generally involve liaison with appropriate consent authorities as necessary in support of the development, regardless of the assessment scale.

Car Park Design & Certifications

Consent authorities typically require all new and altered developments which provide any level of on‐site passenger vehicle parking, heavy vehicle servicing and bicycle parking to be designed and certified as being in accordance with relevant Australian Standards as follows:

  •  The Australian Standard for Parking Facilities Part 1: Off‐Street Car Parking (AS2890.1:2004).
  •  The Australian Standard for Parking Facilities Part 2: Off‐Street Commercial Vehicle Facilities (AS2890.2:2002).
  •  The Australian Standard for Parking Facilities Part 3: Bicycle Parking (AS2890.3:2015).
  •  The Australian Standard for Parking Facilities Part 5: On‐Street Parking (AS2890.5:1993).
  •  The Australian Standard for Parking Facilities Part 6: Off‐Street Parking for People with Disabilities (AS2890.6:2009).

This involves assessment of development plans, liaison with project design consultants and the recommendation of appropriate design solutions with respect to relevant Standard specifications. Work can also include a series of physical inspections of the development during construction, and importantly, liaison with construction personnel to overcome previously unforeseen issues which can and do arise during the construction process to facilitate obtaining a development occupation certificate.

Construction Traffic Management & Control Plans

Construction Traffic Management and Control Plans are prepared for the development industry in response to conditions of development consent. These Plans involve the recommendation of a series of traffic and pedestrian management measures to be implemented during development construction to ensure construction activities do not unreasonably impact on the surrounding public road network whilst also ensuring construction can occur in a safe and efficient manner.

Green Travel Plans

Transport is an unavoidable factor in modern society and a major contributor to emissions in Australia however, the effects of transport associated with new developments can be managed through the implementation of Green Travel Plans. Green Travel Plans provide a series of development specific measures aimed at promoting and encouraging sustainable travel and reducing reliance on the private car. The aim of Green Travel Plans is to achieve travel behaviour change through raising awareness of alternatives to private motor vehicle use. The formulation of site and development based Plans focus on providing information, offering incentives and mode specific actions to optimise the use of sustainable travel (public transport, cycling and walking).

Road Safety Audits

Staff of Stanbury Traffic Planning are accredited road safety auditors having undertaken numerous Audits on behalf of private developers, community groups, local and state government. The Road Safety Audits have been undertaken throughout the various concept design, detailed design, pre‐opening and operational stages of a route and / or road network.

The aim of Road Safety Audits is to identify any potential safety hazards for road users associated with the route, road network design or safety issues that are prevalent to ensure that measures to eliminate or reduce safety problems are fully considered. In undertaking audits, potential safety risks are identified and are issued with corrective action recommendations.

Intersection Modelling Analysis

Stanbury Traffic Planning utilises computer based intersection packages to conduct traffic simulation modelling and analyses of traffic flow characteristics on intersections, street networks, corridors, interchanges and highways. Programs such as SIDRA are utilised to assess intersections either in isolated conditions or within a coordinated network operating under a range of different controls such as signage, roundabout and traffic signals. These analyses are utilised to determine optimum traffic signal phasing for signalised intersections as well as appropriate geometric configuration and approach alignment.

Local Area Traffic Management

Stanbury Traffic Planning undertakes a range of local area traffic management services to private and public sector clients including Accident Investigation & Prevention Studies, Route Development Studies, Pedestrian Access & Mobility Plans and pedestrian friendly Shared Zone Implementation. These analyses involve the conducting of often thematic studies to determine and recommend short, medium and long term solutions to provide safe and efficient road environments.

Traffic & Parking Data Collection & Analysis

Development based projects often require the review and analysis of traffic and parking data associated with the assessment of current and projected traffic flow information. These services include collating information in the form of parking demand as well as traffic volume, delay, queuing, speed and classification surveys.

Expert Testimony

Personnel of Stanbury Traffic Planning have experience in the provision of expert witness services for issues relating to traffic, parking and transport considerations. Expert advice can include the preparation of Statements of Evidence and appearance as an expert witness at various hearing forums including the Land & Environment Court, Commission of Inquiry, Independent Hearing & Assessment Panels, Local Traffic Committee, Sydney Regional Development Advisory Committee as well as Public and Council Meetings.

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